Past & Present Projects //

APIs personnel have been part of some large scale projects and turnarounds. The following is just a few of the projects we taken part in.

  • Dow Chemical

    PE (Polyethylene) business turnarounds. API team members have taken part and lead crews to completion on some of the largest dollar shutdowns the PE business has undertaken all while completing the work ahead of schedule.

  • Dow Chemical

    Looked after and carried out day to day maintenance & turnarounds at the ethylene glycol plant and power house along with the central machine & rebuild shop.

  • Teck Coal

    Performed day to day & shutdown maintenance, repairing/ replacing conveyor components, chutes, shaker screens, centrifuges & vacuum systems.

  • MET

    API's team has also taken part in helping design build and assemble MET (Most Effective Technology) components for Dows PE business. And to top it off many of API's employees have taken care of day to day maintenance and overhauls of the PE units equipment.

  • Praxair NWRP

    API's team members have provided a strong roll in the Construction, Equipment Installations, Commissioning, Clearing Punch list items & day to day maintenance at Praxairs largest ASU facility in Canada ($900,000 project).

  • Praxair Prentiss

    API's personnel helped carry out Maintenance repairs & shutdown work removing medium to large check valves and working with other onsite vendors to complete the work in a safe and timely manor with no leaks on start up. ($80,000 shutdown completed ahead of schedule)

  • Praxair Fort Saskatchewan

    API Has provided quality tradesmen to complete overhauls of large oxygen compressors and small hydrogen compressors. These jobs require a high attention to detail as the products they convey have dire consequences if they become unstable due to oil contamination or incorrect assembly.(Numerous projects ranging from $20,000 - $50,000)

  • Praxair Standard Plants

    Consulting on rotating equipment repairs working with the clients engineers & workers, acting as a representative at rebuild shops, & overhauling compressors and other various equipment. Ensuring the plants operate as intended & inspecting for other deficiencies. (Numerous projects ranging from $15,000 - $100,000)

  • Pembina Redwater

    Pembina Redwater RFS 2/3 base modification. See portable machining for more details. ($70,000 project coming in $15,000 under budget)

These are just a few projects API has been part of if you have any questions about the types of projects we may be interested in give us a call. There is no job to small!