Safety //

At API Industrial Services Inc., we C.A.R.E. about workplace safety.

API Industrial Services carries a Certificate of Recognition (COR), and is committed to creating the safest work environment possible. This is attained using C.A.R.E. and passion when performing any job. The most efficient way to maximize safety and quality is to effectively assess and reassess the expected outcome of all actions. This helps eliminate the possibility of undesired results. Fore-sight is the key to safety, whether it be cleaning a work area, or overhauling an entire piece of equipment. With this philosophy in mind, our aim is to approach all work with the highest level of professionalism possible, and achieve excellence in workplace safety.

C = Care for people, environment, & equipment

A = Assume responsibility for your actions

R = Reassess your surroundings continually

E = Ensure safe & quality work