Portable Machining //

API has an adaptive crew who can think outside the box when it comes to these types of projects.

When it comes to portable machining not everyone can provide the skill set required to carry out the job. API has an adaptive crew who can think outside the box when it comes to these types of projects. Thinking outside the box is an essential skill when it comes to portable machining wheather its facing a flange truing equipment bases or cutting apart an equipment base to fit larger equipment API has the people and skills to ensure the job is completed without hangups.

Portable milling machine. Machining pedestals flat on the same plane.

Base Modification //

API had a client ask about extensive base modifications, they wanted to put larger center mount pumps on existing pump bases. They wanted to do this work following api 686 standards. This meant accurately cutting the existing pedestal mounts off of the base as we had to use the original pedestals to mount the new pumps. We could not cut into the pump base due to integrity and all this work had to happen in an atmosphere with the potential of a propane and H2S rich environment. API’s skilled workers worked together to monitor the atmosphere and contain stray sparks. Once the pedestals were cut free from the pump base we had to prep them for a reinstallation. We installed the pedestals to be .040” (1mm) high and once finished welding we were sitting .020” (.5mm) high.

From this point our machinists setup the portable machine and proceeded to mill the pedestals to our final elevation. The pedestals were flat to one another within .0005” (.01mm) all while hitting our elevation. It was important to hit our elevation because if it was missed the job would have required extensive piping mods, because we hit our elevation the piping contractor just had to make new spools for a class change on the flanges. When the motor to pump alignment was completed we had .188” (4.7mm) which is right in the middle of the allowable shims for an api 686 installation. Our customer had given us 10 days to complete 2 pump bases and the job was completed in 6.5 days with no pressure, or setbacks and zero incidents!

Welding on pedestals for a larger center mount pump
Pump installed on new pedestals